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Aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss is known as the father of naval aviation. Among many other important aviation accomplishments, Curtiss was responsible for the first aircraft to take off from and land on the decks of ships at sea. 

This web site is being created by the Glenn Curtiss Historical Society and is based primarily on the writings and photographs of John H. Whitney. Whitney worked as personal secretary and photographer to Curtiss during some of his most important aircraft development work, including the development of naval aviation.

What's new

24 August, 2003: Our email service appears to be running again! If you unsuccessfully tried to send us email during the past few weeks, please try again. It should get through to us now. Thank you for your patience.

17 August, 2003: We added two more pages (and related sub-pages) to our North Island Era section -- A page on how Curtiss trained the first military pilots and a page showing the formal portraits Whitney took of them.

We also added a "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) section. It answers some of the questions we frequently receive via email.

Like most web sites, this is work in progress. We hope to add new information on a regular basis. As we do, we'll highlight it here. Check back often, or sign up below for email updates!

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